Production Technology Engineer (FA, line design)




You will be mainly in charge of equipment preparation for the start-up of the storage battery factory (Power Base) and overseas factory start-up, factory production line design and automation work. - Planning of factory automation (process planning, production technology verification and experiment, cooperation with IT engineers, etc.) and creation of production equipment specifications - Startup of automation equipment and improvement work for stable operation - Use of industrial robots Consideration of automation concept (robot teaching, programming, start-up) - Consideration of factory layout using CAD (2Dor3D) - Cooperation with equipment manufacturers, partner companies, and manufacturing staff to carry out the above - Factory introduction and start-up of production equipment Lifting business


Required skill

[Experience] - Factory automation planning, specification review, start-up experience - Knowledge and operation experience of automation equipment - PLC control experience - Robot teaching or programming experience [Skills/abilities] - Logical thinking ability - Planning ability and Milestone Management - Problem Solving Ability (Problem Forming Ability) - Interpersonal Relationship Ability - Japanese (advanced level and above)

welcome skills

- Management experience in facility installation and maintenance (project management) - Battery industry experience a plus - Lean or Toyota production system knowledge and experience a plus - Quality control knowledge and experience a plus - Welcome to have IE skills - Welcome to work experience with a general contractor in the construction of a battery production plant

desired figure

-Those who can proactively tackle and act on new challenges and difficult issues -Those who are good at coordinating inside and outside the company -Those who enjoy constantly changing situations and respond flexibly to changes -Those who have high communication skills (written and verbal) -Those who can spontaneously catch up even in fields in which they have no experience

700万円〜1,000万円 (経験、スキルに基づき個別判断)、リモートワーク手当あり
・1カ月間 所定労働時間:160時間
・フレックスタイム制(コアタイム 11:00 ~ 15:00、休憩60分)
・休暇:有給休暇 初年度12日(入社時5日付与、6か月経過後残7日付与 )
プロフィール写真 Krubally Ali