Data Architect




• We need a solution for the client to partner with our partner to leverage their vehicle data (including test products), manufacturing data, and CRM (including car owner data and connected cars).
• The primary role of this position is to discuss with the client, uncover potential needs from those conversations or from industry case studies, research data sets, design how the data will be used, and develop an implementation plan.
• The challenge our clients have is that they can create reports as they are or for a specific purpose, but they cannot reuse analytical reports for use cases in other organizations.

Roles and Responsibilities:
• Consistent data management from execution of integrated data analysis, including design, manufacturing, and sales data, to visualization of analysis results
• Build and catalog analytical data and analytical methods for data related departments and cross-functional data utilization.
• Share insights with management - Gather business requirements from clients or proactively suggest ways to use data analytics to improve client business processes such as design, manufacturing, and sales/marketing.
• Understand client data governance structures and processes and register data and reports accordingly to promote usage.
• Create an idea or PoC for an analytical report and review it with the client
• Propose and implement standardized process improvements for reuse, if needed.
• Work closely with the global teams to acquire the latest case studies and methodologies and propose and implement them to clients.


Must have skills and requirements:

• 5+ years of experience with DWH tools (Redshift, Snowflake, etc.)

• 5+ years experience with ETL tools (Informatica, etc.)

• Experience using BI tools (Tableau, Power BI, etc.)

• To take the initiative to solve problems, even when they are difficult.

• To have an analytical view of things and to be willing to draw hypotheses and conclusions from given information.

• To be passionate about our brand and new products.

• A positive attitude and the ability to work independently

<Technologies used>

• Data infrastructure: SnowFlake, Databricks

• Data visualization: Tableau, Power BI

• Data catalog: Informatica

Nice to have Experience and skill:

• Experience in cross-functional work involving interaction with multiple divisions.

• Experience in data analysis in the manufacturing industry (preferably automotive)

• Experience in data mining analysis based on regression analysis or decision trees

• Experience in project management

• Experience working in a start-up or venture firms

• Project experience in collaborating with international teams (in English)

9:00AM - 18:00PM
プロフィール写真 Krubally Ali