Accounting Department Senior Manager




- Management of the accounting department - Compilation of monthly, quarterly, and annual financial results
- Improvement of cost accounting and cost management - Disclosure and dealing with auditing companies
- Establishment and execution of systems and work flow for IPO preparation
- Other general accounting work (after joining the company) Career) Currently, our CFO serves as the accounting department, and the accounting department itself is run by a small number of elite employees.
In the future, by starting an affiliated company, you will gain experience in accounting work related not only to the energy industry but also to a variety of industries such as manufacturing and shipping. In addition, it is possible to step up to the position of accounting manager or CFO in the future.


Required skills

-Experience in accounting related to the contents described in the "Job Overview"- Accounting IT tools and business IT tools skills

welcome skills

- Accounting experience in the manufacturing industry or experience in charge of the manufacturing industry at an auditing firm (recommended for 5 years or more)

- Accounting experience at an IPO preparation company

- Accounting experience at a listed company

- Establishing a business flow for a new business

- Experience responding to an IPO

- Certified public accountant qualification

The person we are looking for

- Able to tackle new challenges and difficult tasks with a positive attitude

- Able to see things through to the end without blaming others or looking for reasons why they can't be done

- Able to enjoy constantly changing situations and respond flexibly to change

- Those who can identify issues on their own and act independently

- Those who have strong communication skills (written and verbal)

- Those who can spontaneously catch up even in areas in which they have no experience

10 million to 15 million (determined by skill and experience)
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